T. Hardy Design LLC


HEY, what's up I'm T! The T stands for Talayah. I, Talayah Hardy, am the owner and designer of T. Hardy Design LLC. I’m an Artist, a Graphic Designer, born and raised resident of North Carolina. I aim to utilize my own sense of adventure into my artwork. As a result, I never back down from artistic challenges, I just view them as the next space to grow into. My work builds onto my own desires to express my own interests and thoughts in combination with my unyielding sense of independence.To discuss a single subject that appears within my work, I enjoy exploring the female form within art. While a popular subject, there is value in the way an artist can approach a theme. I gravitate toward showing the beauty and independence of a woman, bringing them to the spotlight within my work. This is rooted in my own need to provide them with the sense of recognition that I believe they deserve. This focus is directed toward the appreciation of the uplifting, caring, and loving characteristics. I also gain inspired by the background of brown individuals like myself, the environment I am in along with the experiences I have had growing up as a young artist of color.In my journey as an artist, started this business to build my brand. The most important goal behind the endeavor is so I can share my work with people from different parts of the world. I love expressing myself through my art, and I am able to push my own boundaries as I transfer my own ideas and creations into digital illustrations which can then be applied to products for sale and distribution. The entire process is rewarding, as I see people buying and desiring my art, making my heart smile and furthering my own abilities to create in all aspects.As an artist and as a person, I am grateful for the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face by sharing with them something that is ultimately a piece of myself.